Fleeting Words

Craving the possessiveness
Of your arms around mine
I tumble through this night
With restless thoughts
drifting back always to you
Fleeting words for
deeper instincts
that make me hunger for you
For the intensity
of your beautiful mind
The darkness in you
that is my light
The warmth you won’t show
to anyone but me
Making me feel wanted
treasured and a sanctuary
as you are to me


Six words & musings

Deliciously perfect you rest upon my lips
Seduce my mind and capture me
Your soul all I long for
shivering with anticipation of your touch
My heart only sees your soul
Every side of you entices me
Within every word I desire you

Every moment exists of you and the distance there is but I don’t feel
When my own language doesn’t have enough words to describe my feelings


Find Me Hiding

All these feelings
scream inside of me
Clawing their way out
Ripping through me
and spilling on to the page
Ink black and harsh
Staining the pristine white
and darkening the fibres
Yet my mouth won’t move
my voice as silent as ever
Not speaking
of all these thoughts
That are fighting
for a right to be
To exist and make me

And I wish
you can read
between the lines
and find me hiding there
waiting for you
to finally see me