Moon and stars

The darkness of the night
embraces me
Tangling my legs with the sheets
that hunger to tangle with yours
Hands roaming the empty bed
searching for the warmth only you can bring

Blinking up at the night sky
With all it’s stars mocking back at me
and the moon smirking
Because they can look down upon your beautiful sleeping frame
And whisper how lovely you are

Oh how I envy their view
It’s me that wants to lay my eyes on you
the moment they open
And my lips that want to whisper
sweet nothings into your skin
It’s my soul that wants to brush against yours
and sigh with content because it finally feels whole


My Personal High

Dreaming of your fingers caressing my body

I wake up to your lips ghosting over my skin

making me feel alive and cherished

My lips search sleepily for yours

and find the warmth in your kiss

I feel your eyes roam over every inch of my soul

seeing right through all my walls

making me feel fragile and bare


Biting my lip I feel your hands holding me, lifting me

keeping me together and letting me shatter around you

With locking gazes we melt into one

pouring every heartbeat I have into you

finally feeling complete with you in my arms


And I hunt for that rare lazy smile

in every stroke along your skin

and every kiss I place onto your soul

That smile so rarely given is my personal high

brightening my darkest of days

and loneliest of moments





I’ve watched the clear night sky
while driving home
Knowing you might be watching the same sky
Our gaze possibly crossing the same spot
from different parts of this planet
How I would place a soft kiss
on those beautiful lips
Gazing in your eyes
holding a soul that whispers to mine
For now I’m sending the stars across the sky
to keep you company in your dark night


six words

my weakness, my strength, my Muse

Claiming my heart with your words

My every thought consumed by you

Souls touching whenever our lips tangle

Your perfect words seduced my soul

Capturing my heart with heated words

Breathlessly yours my beautiful dark Muse

My skin aches for your lips

Heated wishes yearn within a sigh

Biting my lip thinking of you



Chase my demons

Flushed skin
from nightmares within
Curled up into a ball
Shaking the demons from my brain
Hunger for you
to help me chase them away
To take hold of me
and make me forget
Lay your hands on me
and hunt them with kisses
along my skin
Just lay here with me
and make me feel real



Never underestimate me for being weak

because I dare to show you my bones

my bare soul

my heart without walls

even when I hunger for your strong arms

Never mistake me being fragile

for being broken

because I wear the scars of my own battles

show you the cracks of my being

It makes me who I am

and it gives me strength

even though I’m vulnerable for every word you whisper

and every glance in my direction


Nights Musings

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Nights musings



You know every secret of my closed of heart

Broke through every barrier I built

with just a few words and gestures

and I have no idea how

I tremble with fear and excitement

because I’ve never been this bare to anyone

Hold me

and let me be strong in your embrace


You Have Me

My soul is reaching out to touch your words
Feeling your heart through every letter
Scared and excited to brush my heart against your beautiful soul
Dancing a wordless love dance through sentences
filled with so much more then the words they contain
Forever fascinated and under your spell

You have me


The Dark

Waking from a nightmare
I want to hide in your arms
but can’t find you beside me
Closing my eyes
and wish for your soothing words
I lie in the dark
Trying to find comfort
Knowing you’re under the same stars
looking up at the same moon
Our forever companion
But still worlds apart


Beautiful Ache

My words fall from my mind
like soft caresses along your skin
Tasting your every thought
making my touch ache for you
My body trembles
for every line you write
Biting my lip in anticipation
I treasure your every breath
against my soul

I hunger for your heated gaze
sliding along the lines of my poems
Telling you more then I ever dare

My beautiful ache
My delicious Muse
Come touch my heart
that is waiting for you


Letters of Glass

Hold my words
Because they carry my heart
In letters of glass
Fragile and naked
Showing a window to my soul

The darkness inside you
Doesn’t scare me away
It makes me want to reach out
Test my own boundaries
And hold you
Not saving, but just be


The sweet Betti Gefecht put this poem to music:


Phantom of a Wish

Your words gentle en mixed

hide a world of pain

Sneak their way into my heart

make it ache and swell

The mystery inside your sentences

make me curious and weary

You can possess me completely

but do you want to?

The push and pull

The attraction I feel

Is it there?

or just a phantom of a wish?



I want to drown in your warm lips

Feel your fingers brush along my skin

leaving a hunger in their wake

The tug of your hand in my hair

making me arch into you

My body remembers

the pressure of yours

Without knowing

I miss you


How Much Of This Is Us

Writing on every surface
words that can’t describe
all the feelings I have
My chest feels too small
for the heart you made grow
and beat with an erratic beat

Pushing against my inner walls
I’m testing the water outside
my safe zone
Scared as always I try to hide
behind a mask of cool

However will I survive
if this means more to me
then it does to you
How much of this is me
and my dreams
How much of this is us
and reality