Letters of Glass

Hold my words
Because they carry my heart
In letters of glass
Fragile and naked
Showing a window to my soul

The darkness inside you
Doesn’t scare me away
It makes me want to reach out
Test my own boundaries
And hold you
Not saving, but just be


The sweet Betti Gefecht put this poem to music:


2 thoughts on “Letters of Glass

  1. Really love this one, Sim. (The entire blog is full of awesome, though).
    I kinda sang these words in my head while reading them. Ever thought about having someone putting music to a poem of yours? ❤

    • Oh my! Betti you’re the second person suggesting that! I would LOVE for that to happen… I wish I could write the music to it but alas… Maybe someone will feel the urge to do it one day and help me with that 🙂 Thank you SO much for your compliment ❤

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