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Night’s Dark Embrace


I hope you know you are

You’re the first thought in my head
when I wake up
And the last memory before I fall asleep
And in between I wish for your words to caress me
I won’t tell who you are my Muse
But I sure hope you know you are…


All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas
Is to know you think of me
The same way I think of you
That you hold me close to your heart
The same way you touch my soul
That even with all these miles between us
You’re the closest I’ve felt to anyone in a long time
Just know you made me believe again
And for that I’m forever grateful
You made my year one I’ll cherish forever
No matter what…
And I wish you get your hearts desire
because you’re absolutely precious to me…

Yours under the mistletoe..


Lips that have never tasted mine

How can I hunger so much

for arms that never held me?

How can I crave so deeply

for lips that have never tasted mine?

How can I want you so much

when I never met you?

Do you taste my hungry words

do you feel my longing arms

do you know that ever poem I write

is for you?

Does it scare you as much as it does me?

but at the same time

does it excite you, make you heart beat faster

and smile?



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My Paper Heart


Hushed Words

Hushed words spoken in private
like Christmas presents only for my eyes to see
and my heart to enjoy
A song only my ears can hear
Like sweet stolen kisses when nobody’s watching
Featherlight touches under the table
I hold them close and carry them with me in my memory
and smile whenever my thoughts drift over them


Musings #7

Whatever heartaches you go through

Makes your soul so much deeper

Even with all that pain

You’ve become more beautiful because of it


Please dive into my mind
and discover my total
surrender to you


Whenever you start to believe in yourself

This entire wondrous world of inspiration opens up

And there’s no limit


How I wish you knew

That every word I write is for you

because I’m forever too shy

To tell you..


You’ve opened up my soul

And I can’t help but want every beautiful inch of you


You turned me into a writing mess

and I thank you for every inspired word

You’ve given me my muse


I want your darkness and your light

Your miracles and mistakes

Your perfection and your flaws

Your soul wrapped up in my arms


You’re writing upon my soul without even knowing

Making me believe in what I didn’t dare dream of

To be real


You’re by no means an open book

but I want to turn every delicious page of you


Like my favorite book


I want to fog up every window of every room with you


Are you as addicted to me as I am to you? Do you feel this too?


Make love to my mind and you’ll have me at your feet. Completely.


My mind hungers for your every word like an addiction


Teach me restrained, because I have no self control when it comes to you


I want you bared down to your naked soul


I crave every inch of your beautiful, deliciously dark mind.



Musings #6

My silence is my sanctuary


Your beautiful words melt like delicious chocolate on my tongue


I want to write your every word upon my skin as an armor

Feel the gentle strokes brush over my soul

and sooth the fracture in my heart


 I’m falling ever deeper into you.
And I don’t want to come up for air


My heart chases dreams of our worlds together
our fingers exploring
our souls connecting
our breaths mingeling
Dare I believe


I feel you move in this midnight air
Oh how I wish there weren’t miles between us
but only our skin separating our souls


 I want to curl up in the warmth of your words.




Waking from a feverish nightmare
I gasp for breath
Reaching for you beside me
only to find emptiness
My fingers brush the sheets
wishing to find your skin instead
Trying to calm my racing thoughts
I search for your words


My body relaxes
My mind clears
and closing my eyes
I find your smile
Waiting for me
In my dreams



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Fantasy Made Real



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My Walls


Six Words #4

Silently anticipating your sinfully delicious touch


my bed misses your warm frame


kiss me in the snowy streets


dancing words long for your eyes


carving my lust from your words


silly movies on christmas with you


Dreaming of you holding me forever


Dance with me in London’s streets


I lust for your enticing words



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Stroking syllables


Between Us

I feel the air shift between us
The moment my night closes in on me.
Feeling your mind stir even miles apart.

I curse the hours between us
Separating me from your presence
Feeling few and far between

I treasure the words between us
Enticing and always present
Like the stars on my darkened sky
and the mischievous twinkle in your eye

I feel the world between us
I feel all this between us
And I just want to feel you..


Musings #4

Dear Muse,

You owe me a journal
Loads of love

Forever your poet


In the midst of my racing thoughts

I find you

Like a haven of tranquility

Steady and intoxicating


lunchtime… and I’m craving to taste you


If we ever met, would it diffuse the magic I feel?
Or would it become even more magical?


You hand me all these stars
and make each night a little brighter
like memories on a black canvas
they paint the words unspoken
between us
brushing against my heart
with featherlight touches
like strong arms holding me
while I drift off
to dream of you..


I want this

I want your heart
Close to mine
I want to hold you
and make you feel
at home in my embrace
I want to push my fingers
through your hair
and whisper sweet nothing’s 
against your skin
I want to spend the day
worshipping every inch of you
and fall asleep in your embrace

I just want you. us. this