Lips that have never tasted mine

How can I hunger so much

for arms that never held me?

How can I crave so deeply

for lips that have never tasted mine?

How can I want you so much

when I never met you?

Do you taste my hungry words

do you feel my longing arms

do you know that ever poem I write

is for you?

Does it scare you as much as it does me?

but at the same time

does it excite you, make you heart beat faster

and smile?


2 thoughts on “Lips that have never tasted mine

  1. So sweet. You captured the part of love where it “hurts real good”, as they say. In a way, even if it feels like torture, it’s also the part where we feel the most alive.

    It’s a good place to draw inspiration and write.
    Write on. 😉

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