Musings #2

Give my heart the chance to show its strength

That feeling inside you: write it down, scream it, feel it, but never ever deny it

Hiding my words for you  here. Like secret windows to my soul. I hope you catch them when you can

listening to the playlist we created over time makes me miss you less… and infinitely more


Your Words

I wonder if you ever read all the words I write here for you.

And if you do, if you’d ever tell me.

Know that every word shared in private

is etched on my soul

I hunger for every letter

you share with me

how insignificant they may seem

They feed the hunger inside of me

to discover the beauty of you

with every thought shared.

However shy I am

read my words here and

understand the depth of me

The warmth that floods me

whenever I talk to you.


The Intimacy Of My Bedroom

In the intimacy of my bedroom
my thoughts drift to you
and the sunsets I want to share with you
The snow I want see outside while you kiss me warm
The sunrises I want to see caress your face in the morning
while I stroke your hair softly
The strong embrace while we gaze over a bustling city

Sharing our breaths
in moans and touching of souls
when we make sweet love
In the intimacy of my bedroom


Six Words #2

When he pushes, I surrender. Completely.

‘Mine. Completely’ his husky voice whispered.

‘I feel you everywhere’ she gasped

Warm me with your heated words

Every touch embraced with complete trust

Gentle curves surrendering to your touch

My soul captured in your eyes

Don’t confuse my surrender with weakness

Imagination running wild watching your lips

Biting my lip reading your words

Waking up to your skillful touch

Armed with love conquering your demons



Six Words #1 HERE



How did you wiggle your way into my every thought?
Consuming my every breath, my every moment.
How is it that you have me smiling from across the world with just a few words?

I want to be one of those people who see you every day
The bed that holds your body safe during the night
I want to be the sunrise warming your face and waking you up in the morning
The sheets tangling with your legs
and wrapped around you
I want to be the warm water soothing down your spine, cascading down your skin

How did you make me wish I could share something with you, show you what has me excited?
How can you be my comfort, my world, my shaky breath, my fluttering heart?
How did you capture me?


The dark, the tender, the pure

And with every written word
I fall deeper into you
Every trembling sentence
is being etched upon my skin
All the anguished letters
wrap around me like a blanket

Don’t you see how my heart is open for you?
Every fiber of your being
The dark, the tender, the pure
I want it all
Because you complete me
Fill up every crack in my soul
Even if you don’t know it yet


Cut Deep

How fragile the balance of love

how scared to take each step

to a bleeding heart

how deep the cut

by just wearing your heart on your sleeve

how shattered the soul

by giving your all

but how sweet the taste of the kiss

you hunger for

the touch you need to breath

the claiming of your soul

with just one gaze

and one word



Liquid Ecstasy

Come whisper your words of liquid ecstasy in my ear

and gently trail the tip of your finger down my neck

leave a trail of shivering gold along my flesh

and hold me in your strong embrace

let my body dissolve in pools of lust

and come undone under your knowing gaze

Because with a single word you made love to my mind

and with every next sentence spoken

every stroke, breath and grip

you caught my soul


Heated Thirst

Grip me with your heated flesh
Carnal and pure
Rub your bare soul against my heart
Don’t close your eyes
But let me see the hard edged hunger
reflected in them
Unashamed and full of passion
Naked to the depth of your being
I want to feel connected
by the length of our bodies
But even more so by the
hungry beings we are within
Thirsty for your every thought
your every moan
your every breath
Every fiber of your being
Only with you I am complete


This night is ours

In the darkness I wrap myself around you
Hiding us from the world and the long day
Brushing my hands through your hair
and stroking your worries away
Breathing of only you and me
Placing your hand over my heart
Reminding you it’s yours completely
with every steady beat

This night is ours



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The Storm in Your Eyes



And whenever night descends,

my heart beats faster for the glimpse I might see of you..

In my dreams so real and close.


I need your warmth

wrapped around me

in this autumn night..

To breathe you in

like the air I need


Morning slumber

As the morning comes in
and chases away the moonlight
My eyes open sleepily
and wander the room
in search of you
A dream so vivid
made me feel the warmth of you
surrounding me
made my skin tingle
from the hot breath of you
made me long to gaze in your beautiful eyes
only to find myself alone
and hungry for every inch of your heart and soul



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Autumn leaves


These words for you

And whatever word is written on this page
Might not be read by the eyes they’re created for
Might not be savored by the beautiful mind they’re aching for

But still they keep falling out of me to land upon this piece of paper
and hold the wish within them to be once held in your hands
Your eyes caressing every letter
and your soul embracing every word

To watch your eyes fill with understanding
Your lips curve into a grin
Knowing I’ve written my heart on this page for you
and watch you discover all the love that’s spilling over the edges of my being
To feel your hands hold me and your lips brushing against mine
Telling me without a single word that you understand

That moment will be worth every word unread by your eyes before
Will be worth every insecurity and ache with which they were written


The duality of my heart

And my heart beats it steady rhythm
Knowing it’s found it’s soulmate
My chest feels too small to contain
my hearts eagerness to be near you

But still I’m weary
scared of feeling it shattered and ripped apart
Like its been numerous of times before
Always so eager to love and please
without any sense of caring for myself

The beauty of your embrace can be the strength I need
Without losing myself
I want to find my soul wrapped in the confidence you have in me
Always urging me on
and challenging to do better

You don’t even know how much you inspire me with just one word
and for that I’m forever grateful
Know you’re holding my heart in your hands


Under your spell

As light filters through my curtains
Announcing the beginning of my day
My thoughts drift back to you
Forever capturing every dream I have
I revel in the words you give me
The seed planted in my heart by you
is growing with every breath
and every hot caress by you
I never meant to fall under your spell
But you have me latching on to you
Can you feel my desire?
You feed my imagination
and I want nothing more
then to be owned by you

You have me


The beauty of you

I was wrong:

my mind hungers for your touch.

Wants to wander in your beautiful thoughts

and drown in the beauty of your soul.

I miss you x


I want to conquer every demon inside of you

and tell you you’re beautiful inside.

That’s all that matters to me


as always you’re on my mind my Muse.

Never change who you are

because you’re perfect the way you are ❤


Timeless miles

Time floats between us
In jumbled numbers and threads of light
But even when I’m dreaming I feel your heart humming a song to me
In every hour spent awake I feel your dreams pressing against my skin
Making my body tingle every moment of every day and every night.
Even separated by miles and time
You feel closer to me then anyone
You’ve captured my thoughts
Made love to my mind
And now I’m mesmerized
And I don’t even know if you know how much


Without even knowing

The rhythm of my longing
Makes the cascading words turn into poems
Following the erratic beating of my heart

whenever my thoughts drift off
and finding my Muse in the darkness
Alone and fierce
holding every desire I have
without even knowing

Biting my lip now reminds me
Are those words ever for me
Or do I just wish them to be?
Is there ever a daydream of what ifs?
And a longing in return for me?

Will my heart ever be held
in the strong embrace I desire
or will it all just disappear
Like the darkness is slowly melting
for the dawn that pushes on

My soul keeps whispering to you
through every song I play
but are you listening?


The night makes me want you

The night makes me want you
to lift up the sheets and slide in next to you
Feel the heaviness of your arm when it sneaks around me
and guides me closer to you
To feel your warm steady beat against my fingertips
and the soft brush of your breath in my hair
when we lie entwined in the darkness
I need nothing more then to be held by you
Knowing you’re real and my entire world