Read Me Like Your Favorite Book

Kiss me in the shadows
of the words I write
Trail a finger along my neck
like the spine of your favorite book
Love me with your eyes
just the way you do
when reading your favorite lines
And hold me close to your heart
in a warm embrace
the same way
when you finished reading
the most wonderful story
Hear my pages sigh
in complete contentment
and know I’m yours
to read all over again
and again..



And when at night sleep escapes me

And the words flood my mind

I wake up to this in my bed

Instead of my limbs tangled up in you…

Know that every word written in there

belongs to you

Like every thought of you

Consumes me





I find solitude in my writing
Painting a peaceful landscape
where you’re so close to me
that I can hold you
and hide you from everyone
and everything
Where you can wrap your arms around me
and rest our heads
on each others shoulders
Taking a deep breath
Inhaling your scent
and just be



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My Paper Heart



All the comments on my life
Have left me open and raw
Vulnerable and wounded
When I thought I had it all right
I’m left feeling inadequate
when I should know I’m not
Somehow you still have that power over me
and I’m sad that it still upsets me the way it does.



Some throw their words around so lightly.

Don’t they know the impact they have?

One of the most delicious ways to wake up

is reading your words to me privately..

Don’t be my perfect, be my home

Kiss me like you can’t breathe without me, because that’s how I feel

You’re my wonderwall and you don’t even know it

Don’t try and change me into something I am not: I’m okay the way I am

I can’t help but picture you here by my side.. Enjoying the city as much as I do right now

Why is there all this judging? Just take me as I am


Musings #3

Small things remind me of you

And I haven’t even met you yet

Come into my dreams in that delicious way of yours

I want your scent surrounding me

so I smell your favorite perfume

until I’m in your arms

Consume every inch of me as you possess my mind completely

My half sleepy mind conjures up some of the most interesting thoughts I just have to write down

Having all these amazing people fight for your attention I hope it’s me that’s on your mind


These words for you

And whatever word is written on this page
Might not be read by the eyes they’re created for
Might not be savored by the beautiful mind they’re aching for

But still they keep falling out of me to land upon this piece of paper
and hold the wish within them to be once held in your hands
Your eyes caressing every letter
and your soul embracing every word

To watch your eyes fill with understanding
Your lips curve into a grin
Knowing I’ve written my heart on this page for you
and watch you discover all the love that’s spilling over the edges of my being
To feel your hands hold me and your lips brushing against mine
Telling me without a single word that you understand

That moment will be worth every word unread by your eyes before
Will be worth every insecurity and ache with which they were written