Six Words #7

Craving you like my next breath


Your words caress me from inside


Your hands make me feel alive


Your evasiveness keeps me utterly intrigued


Your lingering lips upon my skin


Most of my words are yours


Your magic words make me breathless


dress impeccably, dominate my dreams wickedly


My breath longs for your kisses



Dripping in decadence of lustful dreams

As the night slowly seeps away
in its dark hours
My mind can’t stop
wandering back to you
Like it always does
From the very first words
you shared with me
My being wants to claim
your every thought
Dripping in decadence
of lustful dreams
Of breaths shared
Lips almost touching
Fingers brushing against
shivering skin
Drowning in each others eyes
and never wanting to come up for air
I want you to claim me with raw passion
The way my heart yearns for
The complete surrender
to your desire
To trust you with every
core shaking memory we’ll create
Forever being a part of each other
And make the morning light
blush scarlet red from our love


The Touch of Your Words

In this moonlit night
I try to clear my troubled mind
While sleep eludes me
The touch of your words
Soothes me deep within
Cherishing our words
Shared in private
How can I ever have fallen
Under your spell?
Keeping me awake in this clear night
trying to find the part of my heart
I was so closely guarding
But you stole from me with a whisper
Without even knowing
Will you break it
without even knowing as well
Or will you cherish it
And make me feel whole again



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My Paper Heart


Hushed Words

Hushed words spoken in private
like Christmas presents only for my eyes to see
and my heart to enjoy
A song only my ears can hear
Like sweet stolen kisses when nobody’s watching
Featherlight touches under the table
I hold them close and carry them with me in my memory
and smile whenever my thoughts drift over them


Six Words #4

Silently anticipating your sinfully delicious touch


my bed misses your warm frame


kiss me in the snowy streets


dancing words long for your eyes


carving my lust from your words


silly movies on christmas with you


Dreaming of you holding me forever


Dance with me in London’s streets


I lust for your enticing words


Six Words #3

My soul, silently screaming for you

Your words: My weakness and strength

The lingering desire for your touch

Being shattered by you most deliciously

Your touch etched on my soul

My smile whenever I dream you

Touch is all we ever need

Every thought shared sates my hunger

Your heart sings to me, Muse


Six Words #2

When he pushes, I surrender. Completely.

‘Mine. Completely’ his husky voice whispered.

‘I feel you everywhere’ she gasped

Warm me with your heated words

Every touch embraced with complete trust

Gentle curves surrendering to your touch

My soul captured in your eyes

Don’t confuse my surrender with weakness

Imagination running wild watching your lips

Biting my lip reading your words

Waking up to your skillful touch

Armed with love conquering your demons



Six Words #1 HERE


six words

my weakness, my strength, my Muse

Claiming my heart with your words

My every thought consumed by you

Souls touching whenever our lips tangle

Your perfect words seduced my soul

Capturing my heart with heated words

Breathlessly yours my beautiful dark Muse

My skin aches for your lips

Heated wishes yearn within a sigh

Biting my lip thinking of you